Our tasting room and farm store is open every Saturday and Sunday this spring,
from noon to 6pm.
We'll have bottles of Sap, Birch and 2nd Republic Whiskeys on hand, and our head distiller Kempton will be giving free tastings and tours of our distillery.

We’re a family-run permaculture farm working our land by hand to raise the finest grains and fruit for our spirits. We work hard to bring the flavors of our fields and forests to you in every bottle. 

We source all the inputs for our spirits entirely from our farm, and feed our distilling wastes back to our pigs and chickens. Waste-not want-not.

We hope you can come see our wood-fired still, sample our fine spirits and visit our distillery we built ourselves with lumber we milled on the farm. 

-Kempton and Carrie Randolph